Elite Spine Chiropractic Centre is a chiropractic and rehabilitation centre in KL, Malaysia that provides an integrated, safe and high quality chiropractic care to patients that seek a solution to their musculoskeletal problems.

In Elite Spine Chiropractic Centre, our professional and elite doctors will provide an extensive consultation and physical examination in order to correctly identify the root cause of your condition. After a complete and thorough analysis, our team of doctors will only then customize and plan a treatment program specially for you that will benefit your condition to fullest.




Chia Pei Gek

““Have been under Dr Esther's regular care for a year plus. She explains well, relieves my chronic backache every single visit and most importantly the clinic is thoroughly disinfected after each patient. Highly recommend!” ”

Ooi Siew Nge

“Before chiropractic care, I was suffering severe pain on lower back and couldn’t carry out normal activities such as lifting heavy things and even just walking. After a few chiropractic care sessions with Dr Arthur, I am now able to walk without serious pain and my body becomes more flexible. The pain on lower back is minimal as I can carry out my normal daily activities.”

Herbert Leong

“I have been experiencing a sore back for some time. Doing stretching exercises was not comfortable especially for my back. I signed up a package for treatment and I am nearing the end of the course. I am happy to inform that the soreness on my back has greatly reduced. Thanks to Dr Arthur.”

CoCo Chan Suet Vooi

“Before treatment I was suffering from lower back pain. And the worst thing is I couldn’t manage to carry heavy things. After several sessions of treatments done by Dr Esther, my back pain was relieved. Thank you and I will definitely recommend my colleague to come for treatment.”

Chris Chia Snia Chin

“Before chiropractic care I was suffering severe pain on my upper back for long time. I felt pain when I wake up early in the morning and I felt it almost every day. After undergoing chiropractic care by Dr Esther, my upper back pain and also shoulder pain have improved and felt much relieved. Dr Esther is concerned about my postures and gave advice on proper ergonomics. She did her best to treat my problem. I am grateful that Dr Esther has solved my problem. I will introduce my friends and family to chiropractic. Thank you.”